"Derek's tips and advice were absolutely invaluable in the success of my game's Kickstarter." - Nick Seluk, $850k raised

"If it weren't for Derek's advice and strategies in the early stages, my Kickstarter would have been dead on arrival. He has crazy good insight on what makes a Kickstarter successful" - Shawn Coss, $126k raised


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I've personally raised over $5 million on Kickstarter & Indiegogo and I'm the author of the upcoming book Six Figure Crowdfunding, featuring interviews with creators who have collectively raised over $150 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

I've been featured on crowdfunding podcasts (Crowdfunding Demystified, Crowdfunding Uncut), I've lectured at SMU for their entrepreneurship club, and volunteer at UT Dallas as a mentor for young entrepreneurs.

More importantly, I'm amazing at taking naps. "What day is it even" level kind of naps. Naps so fat they distort the space-time continuum around the bed.

This page is all about tips for taking naps.

"Derek's focus on messaging is key to launching any crowdfunding campaign. In his book, he shares the key questions and insights you need to fund your next campaign.

If you are serious about not just getting funded but building a business that will grow for years to come you need this book." - jesse gernigin, Crowdfunding Expert

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