The SEVEN things to know before launching your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is an extra bigass topic to wrap your extra bigass noodle around. Reading about how to run a campaign alone is full of shoulds, shouldn'ts, must, and maybes, so it's easy to lose sight of what's important.

But, just like recipes for Gnocchi with Pesto, not all ingredients are equally as important. You can skip the pine nuts (not worth the cost IMO), but you sure as hell can’t forget about adding in the gnocchi because, well, that’s the damn point.

How do I protect my idea on Kickstarter?

Fidget Cube, a small desk toy with buttons and clickers to fidget with, raised $6.5 million dollars on Kickstarter.

Within one month of funding, there were already knockoffs flooding the market, month and months before the Fidget Cube was able to ship to backers.

Even after three months of working with a digital brand protection agency, it was too late. The pirates won.

The Art of Lazy Promotion: How to get your backers to do the marketing for you

It’s a universal truth that doing stuff is dumb, especially when that stuff conflicts with nap time.

Unfortunately, Super Crowdfunding requires a whole mountain of work, which as we just established, is dumb.

How do we get our backers to not only fund our campaign, but also do the marketing for us as well?