Why Won't People Back My Campaign? There's only two problems a campaign has to solve. pt 2

(Part One)

And we're back!

Last time we covered two common mistakes that really beef up a campaign's conversion pudding; lack of credibility indicators and confusion. We're going to continue this series of how to waft the fart-cloud of low conversion rate from your campaign.

3. Weak or complicated calls to action

On a related note to backer confusion, you need to know exactly what actions you want your backers to take with every communication.

  • Do you want them to pledge to your campaign?
  • Tag a friend who would be interested in your campaign?
  • Give you feedback on why some tiers aren't selling?

Depending on whether you're posting a message on Facebook, putting together an ad campaign, or writing a campaign page update, every piece of communication you send out into the world needs to have a clear purpose and goal, otherwise why are you talking?

If we don't tell the eyeballs what we want them to do, they won't do it. Remember, a crowdfunding campaign is all about finding eyeballs and use your page to magically turn them into dollars using your magical medieval money-alchemist talents.

To some campaigns, this might feel like over-messaging and talking down to backers by beating them over the head with the same statements every communication. It's not. Clarity and direction helps both parties. Murkiness is death. Weak calls to action are like your significant other asking you to pick where to go for dinner, but then saying every choice you make sucks gorilla butt.


And before you worry too much about CTAs coming across as stilted and too-bussinessy, here's the top highest-converting CTAs I used on pop up banners for the Joking Hazard campaign and C&H Adventure Game campaigns:

Headline: "Less than 24 hours to get the Kickstarter Exclusive Joking Hazard Red Box! Click fart to get yours while you still can!"
Button: "FART"
Performance: 15% Clickthrough to campaign page

Headline: "Quit your job to play our game!"
Button: "F U BOSS MAN"
Performance: 8.2% Clickthrough to campaign page

Had a lot of fun with those, hah.

Use your own brand's voice of course, probably shouldn't use those headlines for selling a children's book. All that matters is that your CTAs are clear, simple, and effective.

4. No communication with backers

Your campaign page has a messaging, comment, *and* update section for backers to contact you. You need to respond and, more importantly, *listen* to your backers on each of these three different contact points every day your campaign is live.

Yes, it's complicated managing all of that communication on top of social, email, press, and seance, but part of the allure of Kickstarter is the feeling of directly working with creators on developing their project. A backlog of unanswered messages is a red flag to potential backers that they won't be listened to, even during the honeymoon phase where a campaign should be on their best behavior.

Look at any failed-to-deliver Kickstarter page and you'll see how sour the comment section turned.  Now imagine your campaign is live, and people going out of their way to tell potential backers "Don't back this campaign, they don't listen for shit. They're bad people who hate puppies, naps, and extra cheese on things that don't need extra cheese."

5. Your campaign doesn't have a video

I realize this is basic and 99% of campaigns already know this, but no video for your campaign is maximum dumb. Your campaign is 85% more likely to fund with a video. All the most-funded campaigns of all time have a solid video.

6. Garbage traffic

Not all traffic is good for your campaign. If the people you send to your page aren't already super-interested in what you're creating, then trying to increase your traffic won't be effective. If you're creating a graphic novel celebrating great women in science, 100 visits to your page from female STEM teachers is worth more than 10,000 visits from random web traffic.

Garbage traffic is common with campaigns sell buy backer email lists / shady marketing services that solicit your campaign offering "super giant sexy lists of backers who BLEED MONEY". These services focus on selling you how much traffic your page will get, but traffic alone doesn't fund a campaign, it's traffic AND conversions. Garbage traffic doesn't convert no matter what you do to improve your campaign because they don't want your product on any level.

When you're working on marketing strategy for your page, don't focus on trying to collect traffic from big names just because they've got huge social media numbers. Focus on marketing to traffic sources that already want and love what you're making and you'll have a much more pleasant campaign.

7. You're not funded yet

Some backers simply won't back an unfunded project.

Unfortunately, this is the item you can do the least about, which is why I stress the 40-72 Rule to ensure you fund fast and reliably, to maximize your conversion rate.


So that's it! Whenever you're running your campaign and your conversions are looking sickly, you know to check that:

  1. You've got credibility indicators
  2. Your page isn't confusing
  3. Your Calls to Action are simple and clear
  4. You're communicating with backers
  5. You've got a video
  6. You're not chasing garbage traffic
  7. You're not funded yet.

Get these right and you're well on your way to getting INFINITE MONEY FROM INTERNET STRANGERS SO FAST YOUR BANK WILL THINK YOU'RE COMMITTING FRAUD! (Not really, but it's fun to say.)