How to build your email list FAST

Crowdfunding at its core is about finding the right eyeballs and pointing them at your page. Most will click away without a second thought, but some will turn into a sale.

Find more eyeballs. Increase the conversion rate of those eyeballs. Repeat until funded.


But how do you find those eyeballs, especially when you need them fast?

While I usually advocate grassroots, getting-dirty-in-the-comment-section marketing for campaigns because it's more likely to lead to long-term success, if you’ve got more money than time and a design/tech project, there's another option. Here’s an interesting method I call the Quick-N-Dirty Facebook Ads Funnel that can help build your list fast.

Quick-N-Dirty Facebook Ads Funnel

Essentially, we use Facebook’s uber-data-mining capabilities to build a quick and easy way to capture contact information on these likely backers, then we use our email list to warm them up for day one sales. 

It goes like this:

1.      Properly targeted FB Ads gets user to click through to a landing page

2.      Landing page shows more features, pictures, and credibility indicators

3.      User signs up to email list on the landing page

4.      Email marketing begins on campaign 4 weeks prior to launch

It’s simple, straightforward, but very powerful.

While some crowdfunding consultants build their entire business on this funnel, I’d rather walk you through doing setup yourself because honestly a lot of campaigns can handle this fairly easily themselves.

Quick-N-Dirty Facebook Ads Funnel Setup

1.      Get an email marketing platform setup to receive email addresses.

Use an established platform like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Drip, or an infinite number of other platforms, there's no value in building a system yourself at this stage in the game. I use Mailchimp because it’s simple to set up, effective, and let’s you build landing pages for free. And you don’t have to do any damn coding at all. 

2.      Build landing page to capture email addresses

A landing page is a simple website that serves only one purpose, to have a place to direct eyeballs and then convert them into email signups. That’s it.

Keep your page simple with high quality product images and focus on demonstration of value and all the credibility indicators you can gather and you’re on your way to an effective landing page.

The most important part of your landing page is that it has ONLY ONE CALL TO ACTION: to sign up for your email list. Adding more links, buttons, options, etc will only reduce your conversion rate, and conversion rate is the name of the game when it comes to building an effective email list.

3.      Setup Facebook ads

I’ll talk more about building effective ads specifically later as it’s a huge topic. For now, here’s the broad strokes.

Get a product image that is clear and compelling with minimal text on it (preferably none at all), as FB will give you better placement if all your ad text is outside the image.

Focus your ad’s language on emotional language that to grab attention, such as "My dog farts like a dumpster fire, is there ANYTHING I can do?!?", as emotions are how you grab attention fast. Lead first with the problem as that’s what will get people to click to your landing page. Save pimping out your product for the landing page.

Now to figure out the target of the ads. While I’m mostly skeptical of crowdfunding backer lists, this is one of the few applications I can see value in. Get a list of crowdfunding backers from a service like Krowdster, export a list of backers for products in the same category as yours, then load that as a custom audience. Boom, now you’ve got a targeted ad set without pissing off potential customers through an uninvited entrance into their sacred inbox.

When ads targeted at that list stop being effective, create a lookalike audience, this time making sure that you only include users that actively like Kickstarter to ensure they’re willing to buy a crowdfunding product (not everyone is!). Choose a geographic region where your shipping is lowest if you want to further narrow things down.

Point all of these ads at your landing page, and you’re set. Test out a few different ads at $50 or so a day to see which combination of images / sales language is most effective, then you can scale up your spend to start filling that email list.


4.      Setup weekly emails at least 4 weeks prior to launch to warm up your list

Now that you’ve got (hopefully) a big list of potential backers, it’s time to prime them for launch. Use the weeks before launch to build interest and, more importantly, rapport. As you prep for your launch, talk about story of team, story of your product’s development, a demonstration of your product working, and user testimonials to help build credibility for your offering. 


And that's it! Pat yourself on the back and you've got a brand new Facebook Ads Funnel! Shouldn't take more than a half-day to set up at absolute longest if you've got all your graphics and marketing material already put together.

While the Quick-N-Dirty Facebook Ads Funnel won’t work for every campaign, if you’re able to snag enough backers that you can score 40% of your funding within 72 hours of launch (The 40-72 Rule), you’re well on your way to a kickass launch.

Got questions on how to setup your own funnel? Shoot me a message at and let’s make something work!