Crowdfunding, like any industry, has its own special vocabulary.

To help you demystify crowdfunding quickly, here's a handy dandy guide to all the terms you'll hear regularly.

Completely irrelevant photo.  Photo by  Ryan Waring  on  Unsplash

Completely irrelevant photo.

Photo by Ryan Waring on Unsplash

40-72 Rule

Your campaign is ready to launch when you can fund at least 40% of your whole goal within 72 hours using only your email list. (Article)

Add ons

Additional purchases you let backers make that aren't the main rewards you offer. Can be offered during or after the campaign to help boost sales. Does increase complexity of production and fulfillment, so ensure you'll be able to profitably offer these.

Call to Action

Whenever you're communicating with someone, a call to action is the explicit ask for that person to do something specific. It could be share your campaign, pledge, join your email list, review your product, etc. Every communication needs a clear goal, otherwise you won't achieve that goal.


When someone visiting your campaign page buys something.

Cost Per Impression

Cost when someone views your page. Used in advertising for campaigns that pay by impression. Not recommended for crowdfunding campaigns.


Cost Per Click / Pay Per Click. Used in advertising for campaigns that pay per click.


Shipping directly from the production factory to your customers. Can lead to some savings by not having additional fulfillment partner, but be wary of taxes and other costs that may arise. 


When you do a shitty job of fulfillment and drop it literally everywhere. Including my brand new white rug.

Early Bird

Discounts, rewards, or other special offers given to backers who support your campaign early on in the campaign. Useful as an incentive to drive early sales, but handle with care as this tactic puts off some backers.

Landing page

A website where you focus incoming traffic either to gather email before a campaign launches, gather pledges for a live campaign, or additional sales after a campaign. The more clear and focused these pages are, the better.


Fancy way of saying "presale" that makes people feel warm and fuzzy. But it's still a presale.

Pledge Manager

A service like BackerKit, Pledge Manager, or CrowdOx used to simplify customer service and order fulfillment after a campaign is finished because of how limited the Kickstarter and Indiegogo survey functions are. Also useful for post-campaign sales.


What you're selling, homie.

Stretch Goal

After a campaign funds, an additional goal is set that will unlock additional benefits for backers. (Article)

Super crowdfunding

When a campaign needs to raise at least six figures to fund their baseline goal. Campaigns like these are especially complex to pull off and usually require a medium to large sized team to succeed. Campaigns below that threshold generally can get away with a more DIY approach.

Toddler test

If your video emotionally hooks your audience to think “tell me more”  and scroll down on your page within the first 10 seconds (the attention span of a toddler), you’ve got a great video. (Article)